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7th Anniversary

Celebrating 7 Years of Service... our community!

It's pretty awesome to think about how this entire service began out a small idea at a farmers market, and a tax refund check Over the years, it has grown—through your love and support—to serving over 2,000 home delivery members, and supporting over 200 local farmers, bakers, fisherman, and small mom-and-pop businesses. As we enter into our 7th year, we have some new and exciting things planned. A major website upgrade is on the horizon which has been 6 months in the making, incorporating a lot of user feedback. We've also got some new items coming down the pike. Stay tuned...

Worth the Wait!

Let's get to planting!Local strawberries have finally arrived! Seemed like that rain would never end and summer produce would never arrive! But, like all good things, the season is short! Strawberries are in abundance RIGHT NOW— order a flat (11-13lbs) and enjoy in salads, desserts, and snacks. Put up half of 'em—strawberries freeze well, to have on hand for compote, smoothies, and pancakes.

"Harvest" Days @ Hometown Harvest

"The best laid plans..." as the saying goes. Our Spring Fields Days was a bust. Of the 5 weekends we had scheduled, we postponed and rescheduled (due to all the rain!) and the one event we did still rained! None-the-less, we made the best of it, worked in the barn, enjoyed the camaraderie, and celebrated with a homemade farm-to-table lunch.

Not to be deterred, we've got Harvest Days planned for late summer/ early fall where we'll have folks out to the farm to help us "harvest" produce and then kick back with a a homemade farm-to-talbe lunch. Details to come.


What's in the Bag?
Week of  June 27
Black Raspberries Kohlrabi
Blueberries Mint Spring Onions
Broccoli Plums Sugar Snap Peas
Green Leaf Lettuce Potatoes Summer Squash